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BunNan is a Caribbean-inspired plantain focus eatery paying homage to Haiti while showing the unifying nature of food and the universal love of plantain.
BunNan is a play on the Haitian Creole word for plantain, Bannann, and also speaks to the fact that our Buns are plantains.
BunNan is known for its signature plantain sandwich, plantain boats, plantain nachos, and plantain fries all topped with a choice of delicious eats such as Haitian griot pork, Jamaican jerk chicken, red snapper fish, or sautée Mushrooms.

Welcome to BunNan

Our Delicious Story

Our founder and CEO is chasing an ambitious vision which is to draw her Haitian heritage to fuse the traditional and the modern and spending years of her live just to bring a bunch of flavors at every bite. And This is nothing else but an expression of love. As we use to say "Plantain is our 🤫"

Our founder and owner, Nadege Fleurimond is a culinary entrepreneur chasing an ambitious vision—to draw from her Haitian heritage to fuse the traditional and the modern through delicious concoctions.

BunNan pays homage to her love of food and community while sharing Haitian, Caribbean and black diaspora cuisine with the rest of the world. Nadege believes food is the ultimate connector of people and cultures, and nowhere is that more evident than in Flatbush, Brooklyn where this Caribbean inspired plantain focus takeout is located.

Our Featured Delicacies

Plantain Nachos

Crispy Plantain Chip Nachos

Crunchy plantain chips are topped with your favorite protein and our signature toppings.

Plantain Sandwich

Plantain Sandwich

Your favorite protein and toppings sandwiched between two fried green plantains (our most popular item).

BunNan Fritay

Fritay Box

Fritay is the ultimate street and relaxation food. Available on the weekends get yourself a box at BunNan. Includes choice of griot pork or goat Tassot, akra, plantains, hot sausage, and green plantains, all fried to yummy perfection!

BunNan Boat

Sexy Plantain Boat

Sweet, decadent and filling. Our boat is a whole sweet plantain fried and stuffed with your favorite protein and toppings.

Plantain Loaded Fries

Fries like you’ve never had. Sweet plantain fries are fried for yummy caramelization and topped with your favorite protein and toppings.

Choose your Toppings and Protein

Griot Pork
Caramalized Onions
Jerk Chicken
Red Cabbage Slaw
Red Snapper
Sautéed Mushroom
Secret Sauce
Goat Tassot (Friday-Sunday)

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